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Apollo Dual Wall

Strength, flexibility and function

Able to handle an impressive 25kgs, the Apollo Dual Wall combines strength with the Integ modular flexibility – allowing for popular options such as dual screens, laptop trays and phone trays to easily be added pre and post installation.

Uses and benefits

With a thin double slot profile specifically designed for attaching to almost any screen or wall configuration with a range of possible heights, the Apollo Dual Wall monitor mount is easy to set up in any workplace, retail or medical environment.

Features of the Apollo Dual Wall include:

  • Multiple arms to mount up to four monitors and accessories
  • Easily add or subtract arms as required
  • Proprietary Integ IT fittings provide a seamless connection to workstation screens and let users adjust the final location of the screen on-site
  • Precision CNC drilled countersunk mounting holes allow a more permanent fixing option
  • Easy adjustment allows users to quickly move the unit to suit their work environment

Health and workspace productivity gains

The Apollo Dual Wall monitor mount can be easily adjusted to suit different users – allowing for the correct posture to be achieved, and decreasing the risk of neck and back related injuries. And because it is instantly adjustable, users are able to quickly move or customise their workstation – increasing their workplace productivity.

Find out how you can order the Apollo Dual Wall mount

Integ can ship globally in any quantity – please contact us if you would like to order the Apollo Dual Wall monitor arm, or read more about the Apollo System, its ergonomic design and flexibility.

Apollo2 with 4 screensApollo2 with single screenApollo2 with 2 screens

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