The path to sustainability

Modtec is a continuous improvement organisation, with engaged staff practicing the Lean principles of waste-minimisation and efficiency. Modtec is driven by strong ethics and core values, with equal consideration for the environment when delivering its products and services.

One of our priorities is to avoid waste by designing robust, durable and modular yet stylish components that stand for its functionality for longer. Supported by an extensive warranty.

Modtecs design and manufacturing process makes sure to minimise the impact on the environment for future generations.

Modtec has been recognized with following achievements for its commitment to best practice.

  • NZ Recycling Award 1999
  • Auckland Exporter of the Year 2004
  • DINZ Best Design Award 2008
  • NZ Export Award 2009
  • Westpac Auckland North Business award 2012
  • ISO certified manufacturing facility in India 2018


Our process to achieve and implement sustainable practices

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