Retail Case Study

Floor to Ceiling mounts


As a technology leader, the client required a retail solution that allowed customers a practical & easy means to interact with the latest customer service technology tools, gain exposure to a range of unobtrusive communication messages while supporting the brands position in a highly competitive retail marketplace.

The Challenge

The brief called for a number of central communication spines that allowed customers to communicate privately using data & voice touch points. The solution needed to encourage interaction with customers of a range of ages, including children. Such interaction included the use of visual electronic communication mediums such as digital displays. Any solution needed to make a lastly visual impression attracting customers into the bank from one of the most highly competitive retail environments.


Integ worked with the architects & designers to provide a floor to ceiling solution utilising our Apollo6 solution and modular monitor arm range. The solution incorporates internet & phone banking, write up tabletops and large plasma screens for customer communication. The addition of a specific kids solution allows for interactive games to be played. The solution was dynamic, yet unobtrusive and exceeded the client’s expectations convincing them to roll the solution out nationally.


The Apollo6 solution provided the client with the following benefits:

  • Design form consistent with the client’s market positioning
  • Design function providing a new flexible, safe retail experience for customers of all ages including children
  • A solution providing power, data, voice access to accessories from the ceiling.
  • A range of accessories that can be adjusted by bank staff but not the customer.

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