Information on hand

Whether it be at reception, in an office, in a patients room or during a surgery, having the right information on hand is critical to ensure the correct care is given. In each of these environments there are different challenges in regards to patient monitoring. Reception and offices are able to have desks for standard pole mounting solutions to work but patient rooms and surgeries are not able to have anything so cumbersome. Our custom wall mount, freestanding, floor to ceiling and ceiling mount solutions are able to be configured to whatever space is available so that patient monitoring systems can be positioned where they are required.

Making sure that the dose is right

A whitepaper by J Am Med Inform Assoc suggests that medical errors are frequent and result in substantial harm. One of the recommendations for reducing errors is to “utilize modern electronic systems to communicate key pieces of asynchronous data”. All to often we see doctors/caregivers with notebooks that can be taken with them wherever they go, the notes then need to be dictated into IT systems which is an avenue for typos, errors of emission and miscommunication. Putting patient monitoring systems where they are required allows information to be added directly reducing the double handling of information and ensuring the right patient gets the right medicine.

Making hygiene easy to meet OHS

“If the room and hallways appear cluttered or dirty, the expectation that the hospital is a sanitary place will be diminished, leaving the visitors to question how well the hospital performs in other areas.” One of the easiest ways to reduce clutter and aid in cleaning is to get things off the floor. Wall mount monitors are an ideal solution to get patient information where it is needed as well as reducing the footprint of equipment on the floor. A reduced footprint makes cleaning easier and reduces the number of contamination hazards as well as giving the perception of less clutter.

Care and watching you mend

Having the information in the right place is not just important for the doctors/care givers but for patients as well. The value of seeing what is going on their record can reduce anxiety and increase trust, both of which are important in helping the patient communicate effectively. The placement and positioning of patient monitoring systems should be considered from many aspects, primarily to get the correct information in and out of the IT systems but also to realise the added benefits of reduced errors and increased cleanliness.

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