Thin Client CPU Mounts

The ideal solution for neatly storing thin client computers.  

Our Thin Client CPU mount is a specialized mounting solution to hide thin client computers in an accessible position. The Thin Client holder has the flexibility of attaching the the CPU either front or back of the monitor stand 


diagram of thin client CPU mounts

What is a thin client?

A thin client is a small computer which is primarily used as an extension for a more powerful computer/server. Thin clients generally do not have their own storage so send instructions to the server which does all the calculations and runs all the programs, then throws the answer back to the thin client. In this way, multiple thin clients can make one powerful computer appear as though it is multiple computers, increasing ROI in some environments.

thin clients
thin client mounting options

CPU under desk mounts and Thin Client CPU mount

Where can a thin client be mounted? The small size of a Thin client is best utilised by correctly positioning it somewhere out of sight but close enough to access the cable ports. Our range of desk, wall and floor to ceiling mounts can position the Thin client where ever you need it.

  • On the back on an Integ desk mount
  • On an Integ wall mount
  • Under a desk


Nowadays most facilities are demanding that CPU mounts be raised off the floor or kept off the desk space to ensure a tidy, clutter free floor or desk space for cleaning, avoiding any trip hazards. If the CPU hangs off underneath the desk or your Thin Client CPU mount is off the desk space then it is out of the way and clutter free yet still accessible

Integ thin client mount specifications

  • WEIGHT LIMIT: 12kg
  • VESA HOLE PATTERN: 100×100 and 75x75
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT STOP: For thin clients that interfere with the locking hole on the mount, a special height adjustment stop is included to ensure the thin client can be positioned exactly where required.
Integ Thin Client CPU Mount

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