Ergonomic Dual Monitor Mounts, Stands & Arms

Working with a dual monitor mount is becoming more widespread. A growing number of workers are finding dual monitor mount workstations enable them to perform their job more easily and efficiently.  

All Integ Monitor mounts are designed to hold dual screens easily for various size double monitors.  With the growth of hybrid working trend , dual monitors are even moving into the working from home environments.

Dual monitor mounts and arms

Dual 02

Dual-Monitor Setups Boost Efficiency and Multitasking Capabilities

Utilising dual monitors greatly enhances productivity and efficiency when working with multiple documents. With two monitors, you have the ability to have a face-to-face virtual meeting with a colleague on one screen while simultaneously referring to documents on the other screen. Our ergonomic dual monitor mounts not only increase your work outputs but also declutter your workspace by elevating your monitors to an optimal viewing height and angle, reducing strain on your eyes and neck. This allows for a more comfortable and efficient work experience

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