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A common desk setup in retail is the “either side of the desk” setup where the customer is sitting across from the company representative staring at the back of a monitor. In these situations, having an easy to adjust monitor mount allows the monitor to be moved to face the customer as required to make them feel like part of the process. This increases trust and aids in communication, both of which are important in that they improve the customer relationship.

Using space effectively, making the most of an open floor plan

Everyone knows the feeling of standing in a line waiting for a retail representative to finish with their current customer so they can be ushered over. This part of the customer experience is easily improved with self service kiosks where the customers with basic needs are able to serve themselves freeing up the retail representatives to help with the more complicated requests. Our floor to ceiling mounts have been effectively used for such situations and can be placed in any suitable space.

Custom solutions for custom situations

A standard pole mount monitor solution is not always suitable for retail as consideration needs to be given to the fact that customers are not a one size fits all situation. Dynamic height adjustment, a small footprint and pleasing looks should be considered when designing a customer facing fit out. For retail signage, the positioning to get it in front of the customer can be effective as a marketing tool.

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