Is the future remote work?

For many professions the likely answer is that yes, the future of work is likely to be remote. The number of people that exclusively work on a computer is ever increasing and with the correct setup they can unplug from the office and plug back in at home. There are obstacles to overcome before remote work can become more common though, one of which is trust. For example, the employer has to trust that the employee will follow any company safety guidelines even when working unsupervised because the employer will still be liable for any work related injuries.

Creating the WFH space

The idea of remote working has been become a common occurrence but the assumption that everyone’s home setup is suitable for full time work is usually incorrect. It is not enough to put work information and instructions on the internet, the following aspects should also be considered:

  • Dual screens – Whether this be laptop + screen, or two similar monitors, research has shown that dual screens increase productivity.
  • Ergonomic furniture – The chair, desk, and monitor mounts should all be able to position the remote workers body in an ergonomic way.
  • Lighting – Not too bright, glare can cause eye strain. Not too dark, trying to read anything off screen should be comfortable on the eyes.
  • Space – With the correct equipment, a home workstation footprint need not be that big while still being suitable for full time work.

The advantages of WFH

There are many obvious benefits for the employee:

  • Transit time and cost
  • Less interruptions
  • Quieter environment for improved concentration
  • Ability to customise workstation without judgement

The main benefit for the employer is that they can get away with a smaller office space which reduces fixed overhead costs.

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