Code: PXTK1-BAS-02

Trae Mate

The Trae Mate is Integs robust laptop tray solution, suitable to mount to any 2-limb Integ monitor arm.

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Let Trae take care of your laptop Like many people we use our laptops on a daily basis as we freely move from home, to work and around the world. The activity nature of work demands such freedom. When we dock down at our desk and fire up our laptop we suffer the same issues many laptop users experience. A lack of space, poor ergonomics and the missing link in productivity – the second monitor. Let Trae take care of these issues.

Slide in your laptop for better ergonomics Once you dock at your desk, simply slide your laptop onto Trae. The handy cable capture slots ensure cables are easily located and ready for you to connect to your laptop. When Trae is attached to our modular arms, you will quickly benefit from increased ergonomics and gain back valuable desk space. Explode your productivity With your laptop in place and your second screen in operation, you will quickly benefit from the increased productivity gains achieved through using a second screen. Cut and paste or transfer data with ease without having to close down one application and open up another. Built to Last Trae is robust in nature made from heavy duty metal with a durable powder coated finish. This product will last.

Integrated tabs securely hold the laptop in place.

Cable captures ensure the cables are held out of the way but easy to find.

Code and description:
PXTK1-BAS-01 Trae Laptop Holder with quick release VESA

320 mm (Width) x 282 mm
Thickness 2 mm
Height of tabs 12 mm

Mounting Options:
With quick release VESA, or directly to arm

Weight Capacity:

Cable Tabs:

Nett Trae Weight:
1.4 kg

Various file formats available on request.

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