Multiple monitor mount solutions

Display multiple monitors with our multi monitor mounts to increase workspace efficiency and de-clutter your desk to maximise the valuable real estate. Multimedia professionals, Designers, Editors, Trading Desks and Control Room environments will all achieve the productivity improvements that multiple monitors provide. The nature of our solutions (Modularity and the flexibility) enable you to properly configure the setup to match your unique technology requirements. 

Multi monitor screen mounts, holders and arms

Ergonomic triple monitor stands, mounts & arms

Standard of two monitors has become more common, how about the Triple monitor? The researchers found that two monitors increased productivity by 25 percent compared to single-monitor setups. Three monitors increase productivity by 35.5 percent.  Also Triple monitors are very popular nowadays among the gaming community.

Integ has a great range of triple monitor mounts either with power, data connections or with fast charge option. Also our Apollo Power+ options are capable of handling heavy duty monitors.

Triple Monitor Mount – Standard
three monitor stand
Triple Monitor Mount – Laptop
3 monitor mount for laptop
Triple Monitor Mount – For Extra Large Monitors
triple monitor arm for extra large monitors

Monitor mounts for four/quad monitor solutions

People who multitask a lot on their PC, the ideal number of monitors is four.  Quad monitor set-ups are useful in workspaces such as Stock Trading, Video Editing , Business Analysis and Gaming. 

Integ Apollo Classic,  Apollo Power+ and A20 systems all are capable of quad monitor mounts. All of the systems are cable of either desk mount or wall mount with or with power and data options.   

Tip – but before you jump right in, you should check whether your computer has what it takes to handle four monitors. If your desktop PC features less than four video ports, it’s impossible to connect it to four displays unless you buy a new graphics card or add some external hardware. 

Desk Mounted 4 Monitor Arm
Quad Monitor Mount – Standard
Standard Quad monitor mount
Quad Monitor Wall Mount – Power and Data Options
wall mounted quad monitor mounts, arms
Standard Quad Monitor Wall Mount 
4 Monitor Wall mount – Standard
Desk Mounted Quad Monitor Arms with monitors
Quad – Desk mount with monitors

Multiple monitor mount solutions for more than four monitors

Six Monitor Mounting Arm
Mounting Arms for six monitors
Mounting Arms for Eight Monitors
8 monitor mounting solution

More options for when you need multi monitor mounts

Modularity and flexibility at its best.
Six Monitors – Dual Post
6 monitor mounts dual post
Six Monitor Mount – Extra Large Monitors
Six monitors – Extra large monitors
Six Monitor Mounts – Electric Height Adjustment
Six monitors – Electric height adjustment
Nine Monitors – Triple Post
9 monitor arms - triple post
Twelve Monitors – Triple Heavy Duty Post
multi monitor stand - 12 monitors heavy duty

Please contact us so we can work out the multiple screen mounting solution for you.

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