Transform Your Space with Floor-to-Ceiling Mounts

nteg floor to ceiling monitor mounts offer a comprehensive retail solution for businesses, featuring practical and easy-to-use customer service technology tools, such as data, voice, and digital displays. Utilising our Apollo 6 solution and modular Apollo monitor arm range, we’ve collaborated with architects and designers to create a floor-to-ceiling solution that includes internet and phone banking, write-up tabletops, and large plasma screens for customer communication and in-store advertising.


Floor to Ceiling mounts

Positioning for the customer

Floor to ceiling monitor mounting solutions are ideal in scenarios where customers or users are checking-in or accessing information on the go, where a full desktop solution may not be appropriate. The floor to ceiling mount can be fitted with virtually any of the modular Integ solutions including CPU holders, monitor arms, blade arms, laptop trays and keyboard trays

Floor mounted monitor stand
floor to ceiling mounts

Floor to ceiling mounts provide flexible workspace layouts

Floor to ceiling solutions offer flexibility and modularity in limited space environments and prove useful in a variety of applications, including freestanding customer internet pods, check-in stations or solutions that place LAN or internet access where the user or customer can complete short tasks saving time for a receptionist or concierge. 

Modularity, the key to your correct space

Integ Floor to ceiling mounting solutions are custom made to your specifications, using our modular, durable Integ diecast parts and hard-working materials delivering long-term service using smooth action bearing systems and winged twist locking mechanisms to get the adjustment you need. Securely attach CPUs, monitors, tablets, laptops and keyboards. You will find our floor to ceiling solutions in banks, libraries and reception areas. 

Please contact us so we can work out the correct Floor to Ceiling solution for you.

Integ ceiling monitor mounts

We have a range of products to create a custom solution for you

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