Make your Contact Center more efficient

The sheer number of people in contact centers means that any small improvement to each person will have a large effect on the whole. Reduce workspace injuries, increase free desk space and improve the workspace visual appeal by giving each user the right tools to position their equipment in the ideal location for them.


Ergonomic Contact center solutions

Ergonomic Contact Center Solutions

Effective management of IT solutions means that your contact center team can focus on what they need to, check out our desktop monitor solutions, wall monitor solutions, and ceiling mounted monitor solutions or custom monitor mounts suitable for small desks or work spaces.

ergonomic monitor mounts designed for Contact and call centres

Optimise Your Team's Performance

Delivering the optimum customer experience requires an energised contact centre team, that means comfortable, vibrant, and positive. Integ monitor arm solutions are designed to enable healthy, ergonomically correct workstations with the added benefit of flexibility and freeing up desk space..

Durable & Attractive Monitor Arms Specified In Contact Centre Design

Integ solutions are employed in commercial fitouts and specified in contact centre design across multiple continents. Integ are experienced with high profile brands who demand durability, quality, and appealing design. Integ successfully deliver to these requirements with our diecast manufactured monitor arm solutions and high-performance mounting systems.

Integ Monitor arms specified in Contact Centre design

We have a range of products to create a custom solution for you

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