Charge devices with easy ergonomic access

Charging solutions to keep phones and other devices going are a common sight in homes, offices and workspaces. The need for charging is ubiquitous but the default solution of a bulky wall adapter with a separate cable is inconvenient and unsightly. Integ ChargeUp is a multipurpose charging solution to charge devices with easy ergonomic access to power & USB sockets, only requires one power socket to use and is an attractive addition to a workspace.

Integ ChargeUp has:
• Convenient USB-A port supplying up to 2.4A
• Futureproofed USB-C port supplying up to 3A
• Two standard NZ/AUS power sockets

Power where you need it

The cleanest looking workspace is one where everything not in use is hidden from sight. This is great for space saving and desk appeal but is not great when you have to reach into unruly places to plug or unplug cables. For portable cables such as charging cables, having a convenient position to plug in makes a huge difference in time and effort when considering the number of times it is required.

Integ ChargeUp has:
• Easily accessible power sockets
• On/off switch on unit for power control
• LED light to indicate the power is on/off

ChargeUp specifications

Integ ChargeUp® is fully tested and certified(registered) for both New Zealand and Australian markets.

For extra details about the Integ ChargeUp, visit the product page.

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