Commonwealth Bank Australia wanted to create a state of the art workplace that would be efficient in terms of office accommodation best practice and facilitate face-to-face collaboration. With staff retention and future proofing front of mind, the bank wanted to support their increasingly mobile workforce and employ ‘Activity Based Working’ principles. In meeting the bank’s aim to create a general work point, where anyone could arrive and log in using standard equipment, Integ developed a
space-efficient solution that allowed a monitor and laptop to be mounted above the work surface, with dedicated outlets for power and data housed as part of the supporting structure.


Projects of this scale and nature rarely follow a straightforward trajectory and, in this case, the IT hardware choice was changed to reflect trends in the market. Fixed replicators to dock a laptop were replaced with Apple notebooks, so Integ quickly engineered a modified laptop tray to accommodate this and allow for more flexible wiring, all while still meeting the project deadline.