It was a busy couple of weeks for the Modtec marketing team with Integ having a stall at BuildNZ in Christchurch on 4-6 August 2016, and a week later having a stall at Indesign in Melbourne (12-13 August).

BuildNZ gave the team a chance to see how far Christchurch has come since the 2011 earthquakes. New buildings and cranes dotted the city, but the large number of empty lots in the CBD shows there is still a way to go (70% of construction still to be completed apparently). This current and future development shows that Christchurch is a good place to showcase our brand, with the introduction of our Height adjustable tables allowing us to now offer a complete package of workspace productivity tools for all the new offices. Held at the excellent Horncastle Arena, the show was full with companies offering all types of building and fitout products and services and had a steady stream of visitors to keep everyone busy. For more information about the show check out the official BuildNZ page.

Melbourne Indesign was a completely different kind of show with Indesign being based around an innovative layout of warehouses dotted around Richmond and Collingwood, with each warehouse showcasing a small number of companies. Buses were running between the different venues making for an interesting peaks and lulls style visitor attendance which kept all of our guys on their toes. Partnering with Linak we were able to get one of the biggest stalls we have ever had which allowed us to showcase all of our products while leaving enough space for group discussions and foot traffic (Linak provide the majority of the parts for our Premium Adjustatable Electric Desk).  Indesign is also where we launched the Integ Workspace Competition for designers to have a chance to win their designed workspace! (entries are open until October). Again, check out the official Melbourne Indesign website for more information.

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