Mobile workstations offer the ultimate in flexibility and mobility, vastly useful in a variety of applications, including freestanding customer internet pods, bedside computer solutions, armchair computer access or solutions that can move with the user, and facilitating access to a workstation in locations where a desk may not be appropriate within a workspace.

Integ mobile units are designed with the same quality modularity and durability as every Integ monitor arm solution, diecast parts and hard-working mounting materials that offer flexibility and long-term service using smooth action bearing systems and winged twist locking mechanisms for hands that are not so mobile. Securely mobilise CPUs, monitors, tablets, laptops and keyboards.

When you need mobility and flexibility in one package a mobile unit will provide the ability to operate effectively and efficiently in multiple situations. The Integ mobile unit is designed to keep technology mobile, easy to access and, where it is required.

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