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Integ monitor mount range provides limitless flexibility to configure and customise specific ergonomic needs of individuals with ease.


Integ components are like an alphabet or Lego style. With the alphabet you could make a word, sentence or a paragraph, similarly Integ components come together to solve & deliver unique mounting solutions to meet your specific needs.


Modtec's designs and manufactures with a focus on minimising environmental impact for future generations. We use durable, modular, and recyclable materials to create stylish and functional components while reducing waste.

Future Proof

Integ's flexibility and modularity allows organizations to adapt to changing needs and future-proof their solutions. Whether it's technology, environmental, or organizational changes, Integ provides the freedom to adapt.

Leading monitor mount manufacturers

Ergonomic monitor mounting solutions

At Integ International, we understand the importance of creating a comfortable and ergonomic work environment. That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to designing and manufacturing innovative solutions for the modern workplace. Our extensive range of ergonomic monitor mounts and arms are designed to improve posture, reduce strain, and increase productivity.

Our team of experts are dedicated to researching and developing the latest ergonomic technologies to ensure that our products are at the forefront of the industry. We understand that every person has unique needs and preferences, which is why we offer a wide range of options to suit every individual.

We are also regular collaborators with architects and specifiers, working closely with them to create the best ergonomic office or work place environment for our clients’ businesses. At Integ International, we’re committed to building ergonomic workplace solutions that help you work smarter, not harder.

Desk Mount

Introducing our ergonomic desk monitor stands, designed to enhance the comfort and ergonomics of your workstation. These stands are engineered to improve posture, reduce strain on the neck and shoulders and promote overall well-being while working.

Floor to Ceiling Mounts

Optimise office and commercial environments with our state of the art floor-to-ceiling monitor mounts. These mounts allow you to upgrade and maximize space to create a sleek, modern look.

Wall Mount

Enhance workspaces with innovative wall-mounted monitor mounts. Our mounts are designed to declutter desks and create a minimalist, organised workstation.

Mobile Mounts

Unlock the power of productivity with our mobile workstations and portable monitor stands. No matter the work set-up, our cutting-edge designs will help you stay organised and focused.

Bespoke monitor mounting systems

Unlock Your Space's Potential with Custom Solutions

Contact Centre

Improve contact centre efficiency. Optimise office footprint and employee productivity without comprising on health and safety.


Mobile Units

Our mobile units offer best-of-breed ergonomic solutions regardless of location. Create adaptable workspaces that are comfortable and promote seamless workflow.

Control Room

Critical processes require reliable solutions. Our solutions are designed with ergonomics, and the operator in mind to optimise each business's unique environment.


Healthcare practitioners need medical equipment they can trust. Our range of customisable products are made from sustainable materials safe for the environment and built to last.


Timely and reliable signage is vital to maintaining retail traffic instore and online. Our range of durable mounting solutions ensure signage stands out when and where you need it to.

Gaming & Esports

Optimise your gaming experience with Integ's ergonomic gaming monitor stands & mounts. Customize your gaming station & meet the ergonomic requirements of an eSport player. Reduce muscle strain with optimal display, peripheral & body support.

Working from home and looking for solutions?

Work from home comfortably with our range of ergonomic desktop mounting or wall mounting solutions. Integ monitor mounting solutions and height adjustable desk options are designed to support wellness in your working environment. Modularity and the flexibility of our solutions allow you to fully customise your workstation the way you want.

We’d love to help and set up your workstation ergonomically, wherever you’re working. Explore our work from home solutions…

Technology solutions to fit your needs

Our modular and flexible product design means our solutions can support your business’s unique ergonomic requirements.

Laptop / Tablet / Phone

Thin Client CPU

CPU Holders

Fast Charge USB


What’s your why?

We want to meet your needs, but first we need to understand them. Our process is to listen and identify our customers pain points and objectives. Once we understand your ‘why’, we can better strategise on the specific ‘how’ and ‘what’ for your business. By doing this we know we can deliver the right solution to fit your individual needs.

Our ergonomic workspace solutions are installed and trusted by organisations around the world


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