Code: PSVP4-BW1-03

Thin Client Mount

The Integ thin client mount is suitable to attach any 100×100 VESA compliant thin client to any Integ pole/slot. Hang it upside down underneath the desk using an Integ Apollo1 extrusion for a discrete solution while still allowing convenient accessibility. Or attach it to the back of an Apollo4 pole so it is hidden behind the monitors and off the desk.

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Improves Ergonomics: Being attached to an Integ post means that the Thin Client is within arms reach. No stretching under a desk to attach/detach cables to and from the Thin Client.

Improves Aesthetics: Unsightly cables can be hidden behind the monitor/post and mounting the Thin Client to a post means that it is not sitting on the desk freeing up important desk space.

Weight Limit: 12kg

Low Profile Depth: 16mm

VESA Rotation: Fixed.

VESA Hole Pattern: 100×100 and 75×75

Height Adjustment Stop: For thin clients that interfere with the locking hole on the mount, a special height adjustment stop is included to ensure the thin client can be positioned exactly where required.

Various file formats available on request.

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