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The Integ discovery process – what’s your why?

We want to meet your needs, but first we need to understand them. Our process is to listen to and identify your pain points and objectives. Once we understand your ‘why’, we can better strategise on the specific ‘how’ and ‘what’ for your business. By doing this we know we can deliver the right solution to fit your specific needs.

Working from home and looking for solutions?

Work from home comfortably with our range of ergonomic desktop mounting or wall mounting solutions. Integ monitor mounting solutions and height adjustable desk options are designed to support wellness in your working environment. modularity and the flexibility of our solutions allow you to fully customise your workstation the way you want.

We’d love to help and set up your workstation ergonomically, wherever you’re working. Explore our work from home solutions…

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Technology solutions to fit your needs

Our modular and flexible product design means our solutions can support your business’s unique ergonomic requirements.

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